Check Out This Complete Map Randomizer For Pokémon Emerald

YouTube via PointCrow

One common complaint about most Pokémon games is that they are too easy.

Well, for starters, the Pokémon series of games are designed for children. But, apart from that, there are many ways that you can make Pokémon games more difficult on your own. One of those ways is the popular “Nuzlocke Challenge” where you intentionally make your game more difficult by following a set of rules like only being able to catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each area.

Another popular way to increase the difficulty is by avoiding the main series Pokémon games and instead playing fan made games, which are known to be much more difficult and for more hardcore Pokémon fans. And finally, one of the most difficult ways to play Pokémon is to play a Pokémon randomizer.

A randomizer is a modification to a main series Pokémon game where many parts of the game are changed to be completely random. Most randomizers include randomizing things like your starting Pokémon, Pokémon encounters, which Pokémon trainers have, Pokémon abilities, item placement, and much more.

But what the popular streamer, PointCrow, did was way more hardcore than that. PointCrow COMPLETELY randomized Pokémon Emerald by changing every warp zone of the game. That means that whenever you enter a house, Pokémon Center, Gym, or warp zone, you could end up anywhere in the entire world. This makes finding where the Gyms are and where the Pokémon Centers your highest priority.

You can check out the gameplay below.

This randomizer isn’t for people who are unfamiliar with Pokémon Emerald because you need to have a basic idea of how the map is laid out before it is randomized. But if you are already an Emerald pro, this is the perfect way to spice up the game and make it endlessly replayable.

PointCrow made a Reddit post about the randomizer and included a couple of notes that you can read below.

  • Currently only available for Emerald, however we are actively working on making a Universal Map Randomizer for every generation of Pokemon–gen 4 Platinum is almost done, with plenty on the way.
  • Teleport and Fly are available to use everywhere in the game, to deviate from softlocking (you should probably catch a Ralts/Abra asap).
  • Regi caves and Mirage tower are permanently open for convenience. Museum, Lilycove Harbor, Aqua/Terra Caves are not randomized for now.
  • Patches will be coming every Friday, rolling changelog will hopefully be updated here as well.

You can download the randomizer from PointCrow’s Discord server under the #mods-download channel and you can follow all of the updates and bug fixes to the randomizer here.