Dabu – The Chronicles Of The Wandering Peon | Chapter 1 – The Peon and The Grunt

Chapter 1 – The Peon and The Grunt



The morning sun always flooded the orc’s cramped burrow. His hut’s walls were thin and the entrance was clear of obstruction letting the light spill in. He couldn’t sleep much past dawn.  If it wasn’t the light that stirred him, it was the the squeal of pigs and ring of hammers that musically arose from the orc camp each morning.

Quick to rise the orc was, always a pep in his step, ready to work. The peon grabbed a handful of ham and shoved it in his mouth as he left his burrow.  The sun shone so brightly in his eyes that he was briefly blinded causing the orc to stumble and go crashing into a much larger orc clad in armor and a horned helm.  The larger orc jerked back and raised his double sided ax high into the air.

“Me so honored; me hurt you long time.” The assailed Orc Grunt choked as he clubbed the clumsy creature with the butt of his axe.

“Me busy. Leave me alone!” squealed the orc as he stumbled away from the encounter.

This morning, the orc had been summoned to the mine and he most certainly did not want to be late.  As he hurried across the yard past the Great Hall, he thought to himself, “Dabu, why are you always doing what everyone else tells you to do? You never stop and think for yourself.”

Dabu stopped walking for a brief moment and began to feel very strange. He knelt to one knee and began to tremble. At first the tremble was mild, but the longer Dabu tried to stand still, the harder he would shake. The shaking, although a foreign feeling, did not hurt or discomfort but instead caused what seemed like a mild euphoria.  Harder and harder he shuttered until finally he cried out, “Something need doing!?”

Dabu lurched to his feet exclaiming “I can do that!” and hurried towards the mine.  Dabu began to mutter, at first inaudible, but slowly the word ‘work’ became recognizable.  Work was being stammered in twos while Dabu completed his journey to the mine.

The orc toiled tirelessly in the mine all day,. He didn’t even miss a step despite the sweltering heat and the elf archerwho arrived mid day and fired arrows at him and his brothers for 15 minutes before he was slain. Three peons lost their lives from the raid, Dabu was lucky not to be one of them.

He often wondered if their was another way. If he could leave his life of work and servitude and trade it in for a chance take the world head on and carve his own path. But as quickly as those thoughts would come, they would vanish and not leave any memory of themselves.

Today, however. Today is a day that will change Dabu’s path in life forever.

“Dabu!” Cried a voice from behind Dabu’s hovel.

“Hmmm?” Dabu said aloud as he exited the front of the burrow. “Yes? What you want?”

“Why you poking me again?” the voice grew closer as it spoke.

“Something need doing?” Dabu squeaked as he saw that the voice belonged to the Orc Grunt he had carelessly assaulted earlier in the day.

“Zug zug!” The grunt snarled, a grin creeping across his chapped lips, “Time for killing!”

And with those words the world went black, but not before briefly shinning as bright as it did in the morning when Dabu lost his vision and caused the mishap that lead him to this fate.

It seemed like hours when Dabu awoke, but he knew it had only been minutes because the position of the sun in the sky had barely changed.  Dabu quickly checks his surroundings and realizes that he is no longer in front of his burrow, instead he is perched up against a tree in the middle of a field.  The feeling that he had experienced in the morning on the way to the mine had returned, but this time without the trembling.  Dabu felt better than he has ever felt in his life.

Suddenly, a sharp throbbing pain shot from the back of Dabu’s skull and at the same instant, a faint melody could be heard creeping closer.

“It’s not easy being green.”  The grunt sang as he approached Dabu.  “For the Horde!” The grunt cried when he saw that Dabu had awoke from his forced nap.

“OK” Replied Dabu quietly.

The grunt took a few steps closer and nudged Dabu’s chest with the butt of his ax and said, “Poke poke poke – is that all you do?,  Why don’t you lead an army instead of touching me!?”

Dabu was extremely confused and could only must a simple “Whaaat?” in return.

The grunt sighed and shook his head.  Dabu could see disappointment in his eyes and this confused him even more as he could swear he had never seen this orc before.  “Why did he ask me to lead an army?” Dabu contemplated to himself.  “I’m only a Peon.  I’ve never seen battle other than running from humans or being shot at by elves.”  Just as Dabu finished his thought, the grunt had clubbed him once again.  And once again the world went white, then black.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Dabu – The Chronicle of the Wandering Peon!