How To Earn 100 Platinum Points For My Nintendo Account – 5 Hidden Holes On Mario Golf: Super Rush screenshot

This guide will help you find all 5 hidden golf holes on the new Mario Golf: Super Rush website to earn 100 Platinum Points for your My Nintendo account.  Simply follow the directions to find all 5 hidden golf holes in no time!

The first two hidden holes are in the Characters and Courses section of the website and can be found near the description of the first and last courses on the list.  Find the first one directly above “Rookie Course” and the second is right below “Spiky Palms”.  Check out the screenshots below to see where you can find them. screenshot screenshot

The next two hidden holes can be found in the How To Play section of the website.  The first of the holes is at the bottom of the section that shows off the different modes in Mario Golf: Super Rush.  You can find the second hole by scrolling further down the page to the section about dashing in the game.  Check out the screenshots below to where to find the third and fourth hidden holes. screenshot screenshot

And the final hidden hole is conveniently located on the Buy Now page of the website.  Scroll down to the middle of the page and get that final hidden hole.  The screenshot below will show you right where that is. screenshot

And there you have it, you just earned 100 platinum points for your My Nintendo account! screenshot