How To Earn 100 Platinum Points For My Nintendo Account – 5 Super Mario 3D World Stickers screenshot

This guide will help you find all 5 stickers on the new Super Mario 3D World website to earn 100 Platinum Points for your My Nintendo account.  Simply follow the directions to find all 5 stickers in no time!

The first sticker you can find is on the “Play Together” page of the website, right under the list of playable characters. screenshot

The next sticker is on the “Explore” page of the website and you can find it right beneath the screenshot of World 1. screenshot

The third sticker is also on the “Explore” page of the website and can be found right above the amiibo section of the page. screenshot

To get to the fourth sticker, you’ll need to head to the “Bowser’s Fury” section of the website and scroll down to right below the “Clash of Giants” portion. screenshot

And to find the fifth and final sticker, you need to go to the “Buy Now” part of the website and scroll down to just below where you can pre-order the game. screenshot

That’s it, you got all 5 stickers and you can now redeem your 100 Platinum Points on your My Nintendo account!