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Every kid in the 90s knew what Nintendo Power Magazine was.  You might not have had a chance to read an issue, but you knew what it was.

Nintendo Power’s first issue hit stands in 1988 and featured the brand new American sequel to Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2.  Each magazine featured tips, tricks, comics, interviews and all sorts of other content related to Nintendo games.  The magazine lasted 24 years and 285 issues before finally calling it quits in December of 2012.

Even though Nintendo Power has been dead for over 8 years, it doesn’t mean you can’t check out the issues you loved reading as a kid.  With the help of some dedicated people and, you can check out over 150 issues for free online.  Sadly, there are over 100 issues which are not archived (unless you can point me in the direction of a more complete collection), but you can probably find a lot of those issues through your local library.  You can browse the collection below.

Another little gem on that is related to Nintendo Power is this small collection of Nintendo Power Advance magazines to enjoy!

If you know of some other cool gaming publications hosted on, post a link in the comments!