Nintendo Entertainment System Speedrun Schedule At AGDQ 2021

Metroid - Nintendo Entertainment System

Awesome Games Done Quick kicks off on Sunday, January 4th and there are some great Nintendo Entertainment System games being run this year.

Below, you can check out a quick schedule of every NES game that is being run during 2021’s AGDQ.  Please note that the lengths and times of the runs are estimates and subject to change.

Game Runner(s) Host(s) Category Length Date Time
Startropics BugDoctor Mr. Game and Shout Any% 1:10:00 Mon 1/4 9:05 AM
Dracula II: Noroi no Fuuin Sathdresh YoBGS Any% All Mansions 0:50:00 Tues 1/5 4:48 AM
Banana Prince swordsmankirby YoBGS Any% 0:15:00 Tues 1/5 5:48 AM
Little Samson rayeo YoBGS Any% No OOB 0:15:00 Tues 1/5 6:13 AM
The Cowlitz Gamers’ 2nd Adventure/Lost Adventure Bitty_Kong YoBGS Any% Easy 0:20:00 Tues 1/5 6:38 AM
Fist of the North Star Starwin YoBGS Any% 0:15:00 Tues 1/5 7:08 AM
RollerGames ViruseReturns YoBGS Any% 0:17:00 Tues 1/5 7:33 AM
River City Ransom yelsraek, willbobsled Prolix Novice (Race) 0:10:00 Tues 1/5 9:20 AM
Strider baldnate Prolix 100% 0:22:00 Tues 1/5 9:44 AM
Metroid Tecate, CHX42 Skybliz All Bosses (Race) 0:22:00 Tues 1/5 10:48 AM
Mega Man coolkid Skybliz Any% (OHKO/Buster Only) 0:40:00 Tues 1/5 11:20 AM
Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse freeland Nichole Goodnight Trevor Only vs. Alucard Bid War 0:35:00 Sat 1/9 9:45 AM
Super Mario Bros. 2 coolkid Nichole Goodnight Any% Single Character Bidwar 0:12:00 Sat 1/9 11:45 AM
Super Orb Bros. mitchflowerpower cartridgeblowers 100% 0:40:00 Sat 1/9 9:32 PM

You can watch Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 and check out the schedule at