Today In League of Legends History – Doran Items Added + All-Star Paris 2014

October 27th, 2009 marked the launch date of arguably the most popular computer game of all time. Throughout the years, Riot Games and League of Legends have gone through a lot of changes and hosted a lot of events. We're here to remind you of all of the great moments in League of Legends history!

Today's Date:

May 9th

Doran’s Items Added In May 9, 2009 Patch – 2009

The patch only known as "May 9, 2009 Patch" dropped today in League of Legends history. This patch brought the League a bunch of reworks, new items, and the introduction of Doran's starting items. Prior to this patch common starts would consist of boots and pots, cloth armor and pots, long sword and pots, amplifying tome and pots, or the dreaded lots and lots of pots (you could stack more than 5 pots.) The introduction of Doran's items brought about a better sustain for champions at the start of the game and added more diverse starting options.

In addition to adding Doran's items to the League, the May 9, 2009 Patch also brought a few interesting changes:

  • Banshee's Veil was added and was built out of Catalyst
  • Lichbane was added
  • Vision wards were added to the game to compliment Oracle's Elixir in vision control options
  • Champion Reworks: Morgana Le, Sion, Cardmaster (Twisted Fate)

All-Star Paris Day 2 – 2014

The All-Star Invitational brought together 5 regional champions from across the globe to compete on the world stage. SKT Telecom T1 K, OMG, Cloud 9, Fnatic, and Taipei Assassins competed in the group stage on the second day of the four day tournament. SKT Telecom T1 K (4-0), Cloud 9 (3-1), OMG (2-2), and Fnatic (1-3) emerge from the group stage to play on the following day. In addition to the tournament, fan voted All-Stars formed Team Ice and Team Fire to compete in specialized games. On the second day the All-Star teams played a match of Hexakill on Summoner's Rift.