Today In League of Legends History – Braum Added + All-Star Paris 2014

October 27th, 2009 marked the launch date of arguably the most popular computer game of all time. Throughout the years, Riot Games and League of Legends have gone through a lot of changes and hosted a lot of events. We're here to remind you of all of the great moments in League of Legends history!

Today's Date:

May 8th

All-Star Paris 2014 Kicks Off – 2014

The All-Star Invitational brought together 5 regional champions from across the globe to compete on the world stage. SKT Telecom T1 K, OMG, Cloud 9, Fnatic, and Taipei Assassins competed in the group stage on the first day of the four day tournament. In addition to the tournament, fan voted All-Stars formed Team Ice and Team Fire to compete in specialized games. On the first day the All-Star teams played a match of Ultra-Rapid-Fire on Summoner's Rift.

Braum Is Added In Patch 4.7 – 2014

The Poro loving, muscled mustache man was added to the game on May 8th 2014. However, the champion was not released for sale until several days later. Braum was launched with his default look as well as the Dragonslayer Braum skin.

In addition to Braum joining the League, Patch 4.7 also brought a few interesting changes:

  • Heal was nerfed after the removal of grievous wounds
  • Feral Flare is heavily nerfed after carry junglers rule the meta
  • Soul Anchor (Trinket) is added to Dominion